Alok Sharma, the Member of Parliament of Reading West, and local Coley resident and campaigner, Nick Fudge, have launched a survey to seek views on Reading Borough Council’s plans to build more homes in Coley.

Labour-run Reading Borough Council has announced that it plans to build more council homes on the site surrounding the flats in Coley Park. However, a number of residents have contacted Nick to raise their concerns regarding demolition of the garages which are currently in use by residents, more traffic and congestion, and making existing environmental issues in the area worse. A local online petition to oppose the plans has already received over 100 signatures.  Some residents have also contacted Alok to raise their concerns as they had not been notified of a recent public meeting organised by the Council to inform residents of the plans.  

Alok and Nick have now launched a Residents’ Survey to seek views on the Council’s proposals. This Survey seeks to understand views about the plans and asks whether residents have been properly consulted by the Council.

Nick Fudge said: “Reading Borough Council's proposals to build new properties in this area has caused a lot of unhappiness and anger from local residents. Our Labour councillors are not listening to the residents’ views and seem over keen to bulldoze these proposals through. We all appreciate the need for more social housing, but this already densely populated area is not the appropriate place to build them. The area already suffers from access, traffic and parking chaos, has a large rat infestation and other social problems due to years of neglect from the Council.”

Alok Sharma MP said: “As a former Housing and Planning Minister, I am acutely aware of the overall need to build more homes. And there is a great deal the Government is doing, together with private developers, housing associations and local councils to encourage home building. But ultimately homes need to have local support, needs to be sustainable and the local infrastructure needs to be in place to support their impact. I look forward to getting the views of local residents from the survey.”

A Better Transport Infrastructure for Reading

 Since the General Election in 2010, the Conservatives have tirelessly lobbied the Government to secure funding for modernisation of Reading’s Rail Station and parts of the road infrastructure around it. Part of the victory was securing £850m to redevelop Reading Rail station and the Cow Lane Bridges, and also to build a cycle and pedestrian bridge over the new railway line development.

Part of the redevelopment project involved replacing the Cow Lane bridges to allow two lanes of traffic, a cycle lane and a pavement under the new bridges. The first phase of the works involved replacing the southern bridge. With this work complete, this has helped the flow of traffic and will eventually mean that double – decker buses will be able to use the route.

We  also began removing unnecessary traffic lights as part of a Borough-wide review and froze short term car parking charges at all town centre car parks and froze all charges in Tilehurst 


Boosting Social Housing and Home Owners

The Conservative-led Coalition delivered the first social housing in Reading for 20 years and, working with local MP Alok Sharma, helped to deliver a £3.7 million commitment from the Housing and Communities Agency to support the creation of 76 new affordable homes in the later stages of the Dee Park regeneration scheme. We are also supporting the "right to buy discount".


Investing in Education

The Conservative-led Coalition on the Council delivered vital new school places at Wilson Primary as well as the Avenue Special School, and backed the All Saints Free School, and backed the All Saints Free School with the support of local MP Alok Sharma.

Many of our schools in west Reading have benefited greatly from the Conservative-led Government's introduction of the £2.5 billion Pupil Premium with extra per pupil funding for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.