Imraan Launches a Petition to Keep Battle Streets Clean of Litter

Imraan said: “The problem with litter on our pavements in Battle ward has been going on for years now. Local residents also regularly complain to me about dog fouling being a major problem. It is not only unpleasant for pedestrians but also dangerous for our health and toxic for green verges. Unfortunately, this Labour Council have not come up with any constructive plans on how to deal with this issue, which is the reason why such petition is needed.”

So far, the petition has been welcomed by many residents. Sally Uddin from Edinburgh Road is backing the petition after a used syringe was found dumped in her front garden on a busy street.

She explains that neither Reading Borough Council, nor the Police was interested in removing it: “My little girl could have easily taken it or fallen on it. Is it  going to take a child in hospital before they wake up and do something about it?”

Imraan added: “The council should be responsible for keeping our area clean to ensure its safe and secure for children to play. We need as many people as possible to sign the petition and put pressure on the Council to do something about this problem.”