Sandra Vickers

Former Conservative Councillor for Tilehurst Ward

Sandra Vickers became a Councillor of Tilehurst ward in 2011, gaining the seat from Liberal Democrats with a majority of 200. Sandra has lived in Reading all her life and has raised four children and three grandchildren. 

Nick Fudge

Conservative Campaigner for Minster Ward

Nick previously stood as the Conservative Council Candidate for Minster in 2018. Nick has lived in Coley for over 30 years and runs his own local business, specialising in printing and graphic design. A keen campaigner, he has taken up local issues including parking problems in Coley and protecting Reading’s heritage and environment. Nick was re-appointed as the Conservative Candidate in August 2018.

Tom Steele

Our Previous Conservative Councillor for Kentwood Ward

Tom has lived locally in Kentwood for 28 years and recently stepped down as a Councillor. Prior to Tom's departure, he served as a Kentwood Councillor between 2007 and 2011 and then again from 2015 to 2018.

Zack Okeyo

Campaigner for Norcot Ward

Zack has lived in Norcot for 17 years and works within the transport sector in Reading.

Zack regularly volunteers alongside business communities within Reading to promote and encourage local investment.

Zack stood as a Conservative candidate for Norcot Ward in 2019

Robert Vickers

Campaigner for Whitley Ward

Robert has lived in Reading for 50 years and ran his own construction business. He has also served as a trade union representative.

Robert has a keen interest in local issues, and wants to see anti-social behaviour tackled in the area.

Alex Traves - 2019 Candidate for Theale

Alex Traves lives in West Berkshire and currently works for Shell as a marketing manager. In his spare time he serves as a magistrate, and volunteers at The Connection at St Martin’s, where he helps to provide meals to the homeless

Dipika Upadhyay

Campaigner for Southcote Ward

Dipika has lived in Southcote for 4 years and was the founder of a local business. She has previously worked on campaigns for healthy living and driving safely as she worked to raise awareness on speed limits in Southcote.

Michael Hey

Campaigner for Battle Ward

Michael has lived in Battle for several years. He served as an Officer in the Royal Navy and worked in the offshore oil and gas industry.

A former Chairman of RWCA, Michael now volunteers with a local charitable organisation.