What BATTLE Residents Say About ALOK SHARMA

Resident of Valentia Close - 'I have been granted leave to remain for an initial 30 months. I cannot explain my happiness after a 7-year struggle, and I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to yourself for your input in this matter.'

Resident of Battle Place - 'My husband and I wish to convey our gratitude for your relentless support for us... we shall be voting for the Conservative Party from now on (and for you in particular).'

Resident of Albany Road - 'I must admit, I was impressed with the personal touch that you have shown as a Member of Parliament, and I am glad that you have been elected again to represent my little part of the world.'

Resident of Salisbury Road - ‘Thank you for organising the public meeting in the Curzon Club... both myself and my wife were able to attend and we both found it extremely interesting.'

Residents of Mason Street - 'We would like to express our gratitude for your help with our Homebuy situation. I doubt that, without your help, we would be where we are today.'

Resident of Wilton Road - 'Thank you so much for all the help and support you offered my husband and I with the visa process... we are enjoying our family life together.'

Local teacher - 'May I thank you for taking the time to meet our students following their visit to Parliament this week.'

Resident of Prince of Wales Avenue - 'I appreciate your prompt action in assisting me getting my case heard.'

Resident of George Street - 'Thank you for organising the meeting regarding the travellers and for sending the follow-up documentation. Your continued support on this issue is really encouraging and is very much appreciated by all the residents at George Street.'

Resident of Wilton Road - 'May I take this opportunity to say thanks for all your support. It's nice to see a Member of Parliament who cares and makes a difference. It's people like you that make us a filled with hope and positivity.'

Resident of Wilton Road - 'Thank you for your quick reply and for putting my case to the Director at the Legal Aid Agency for review. I do appreciate your help with having this case resolved.'

Resident of Salisbury Road - 'On behalf of my family, I wanted to say a big thank you to you and‎ your office for the gratitude and compassion you showed us regarding our housing issues. Your letter to the District Judge, alongside all our collective efforts… was able to buy us some time to look for another property. We have now moved into a new house and we are so grateful...'

Resident of Sherwood Street - Thank you very much for writing to HMRC on our behalf. As you will see from our enclosed letter to HMRC, the issue has finally been sorted after 5 years.'

Resident of Western Elms Avenue - 'After our meetings with you and the police inspector the police presence was significantly increased and this resulted in a virtual absence of activity... We have not had any drug-dealing in the stairwells for some months now...'

Resident of Cranbury Road - 'Thank you for taking the time to look into my case regarding maternity allowance. I have received a letter confirming my entitlement, earlier than expected, from the Department of Work and Pensions.'