What KENTWOOD Residents Say About ALOK SHARMA

Resident of Thirlmere Avenue - 'I'd like to express my deepest appreciation for all of the time you've taken to write to the Home Office to raise our concerns and request an update on the visa process of our children. Your involvement expedited the process...'

Resident of Oxford Road - 'I am very glad to know you have solved both our problems relating to the return of passports from the Home Office and Tax Credit recovery... We are very lucky to be living in your constituency.'

Resident of Elsley Road - 'I was present at the last health meeting you held… I found it to be not only useful, but commendable as not enough MPs engage on such important issues with their constituents in that manner.'

Resident of Oxford Road - 'My indefinite leave to remain has been granted. Thanks for your help throughout the stressful times. This has not gone unnoticed by my family and me. For this we are eternally grateful. You will always have all our support as our MP.'

Resident of Brooksby Road - 'I would like to express my thanks for all you do on our behalves...'

Resident of Brae View - 'Thank you, Alok, and the rest of the team for all your help and input into our issues with the Council.'

Resident of Westwood Road - 'I have now managed to settle this matter satisfactorily with HMRC. Thank you for your attention to my son's tax problem.'

Resident of Armour Road - 'Thank you for being such an excellent constituency MP.'

Resident of Edenhall Close - 'Thank you for your letter, together with the letter from Network Rail [about Cow Lane Bridges]. It was very helpful to learn the present position, and I am indebted to you for your intervention.'

Resident of Glenrosa Road - 'Thank you for your letter regarding Hotpoint. I can confirm the matter has now been resolved... thank you for getting involved with this issue, you have without doubt helped to bring it to a conclusion.'

Resident of Stone Street - 'I am sure that your involvement provided the push that prompted RBC into action.'

Residents of Oxford Road - 'We are very pleased that RBC's arborists have removed the basal growth from and lifted the crowns of the lime tree. We think it has been done very sensitively and professionally. We are very grateful for your assistance with the issue.'

Resident of Broomfield Road - 'Thank you for your intervention on my behalf with the Revenue and Customs. I note that they accept that I gave them the correct figures and they will not claw back the underpayment they created.'

Resident of Mapledurham View - 'Thank you for your letter on the matter of potholes, and I would also like to thank you for your perseverance.'