Local business owner in High Street - 'I want to thank you... for all your hard work in relation to the closure of Whitchurch bridge. As a local business owner, it is reassuring to know we have someone who is fighting our corner.'

Resident of Graham Avenue - 'I just want to say thank you for organising the Futures Fair, which was very helpful and interesting to my two teenage children.'

Resident of Tidmarsh - 'Your help and support in [stopping nuisance calls] is very much appreciated.'

Resident of Riverview Road - 'I wanted to write to say thank you for recent correspondence and to say how much I appreciate the work you are putting in... If you are planning to stand at the next election, you will have my vote.'

Resident of Bowden Green - 'Thank you for giving us the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament. We found it both fascinating and intriguing...'

Resident of Tidmarsh Lodge - 'Thank you for your letter and for sending my email about fast broadband to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport... Having lived in the UK for nearly 27 years, I have never had such a responsive MP who takes such a keen interest in his constituents' communications.'

Resident of Riverview Road - 'I am very pleased to have received your email and to see the positive result of your support for the Heathrow decision.'

Resident of St. James Close - 'Many thanks for your response to my letter regarding a proposed Tree Preservation Order and for taking the time to discuss with West Berkshire Council - your support is very much appreciated.'

Resident of Stokes View - 'Thank you for your detailed and helpful letter [clarifying changes to booking GP appointments] which is much appreciated. I now feel reassured.'

Resident of Bourne Road - 'I wrote to you about my concerns with my grandson and the job centre. Since then his special advisor has returned on the scene, and he is more confident now as he is able to talk to her and she deals with special needs.'

Resident of Thames Avenue - 'I wanted to thank you for all your hard work over the past year. I met you prior to the General Election and was impressed with how you took the time to talk to me and my neighbours.'

Resident of Tidmarsh Lane - 'Thank you most sincerely for your support concerning my long wait at the Royal Berkshire Hospital for treatment on my painful neck and also reducing the speed on Tidmarsh Lane... I shall certainly vote for you at the general election... we cannot afford to lose such a hardworking MP.'

Resident of Meadowside Road - 'I want to thank you very much for coming to see my home, for taking such an interest in my difficulty and for giving me so much of your time.'

Resident of Courtlands Hill - 'Thank you so much for taking the trouble to address my concerns about theā€¦ pensions dispute. I appreciate your personal responses and finding time to attend the adjournment debate.'

Resident of Horseshoe Road - 'I am very grateful for the action you have taken on behalf of concerned residents.'