What THEALE Residents Say About ALOK SHARMA

Employee at Arlington Business Park - 'Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to attend our annual award celebration.'

Resident of Englefield Road - 'Thank you very much for coming… yesterday to celebrate the Queen's birthday with us and to read the birthday prayer. The community here greatly appreciate your help and support in some many ways.'

Resident of Mulberry Way - 'Thank you for your letter… regarding dog fouling. You can be assured of my vote and my wife's vote at next year's general election.'

Resident of High Street - 'Thanks for your help with my benefits. I have now got a large backdate and been able to almost clear my rent arrears and prevent my eviction.'

Resident of Cavalier Close - 'Just a short note of thanks for your intervention with reference to the fence around the pumping station at Lambfields in Theale. A new fence was installed, and is very sturdy and over five foot high and should deter unwarranted access. Once again thank you.'

Resident of The Chestnuts - 'Many thanks for your characteristically swift and helpful letter, which has usefully clarified a couple of things for me.'

Resident of Morton Place - 'Your intervention in the matter of disabled access at Theale Station has been particularly successful... It is good to know that our local MP is prepared to actively involve himself in matters that are of importance to local residents.'

Resident of Volunteer Road - 'I am pleased to say I was taken into surgery on 7 February and am now recovering at home. I would like to thank you for your help in this matter.'

Resident of Spring Gardens - ‘I would like to thank Mr Sharma and his team for supporting me in my complaint.’

Resident of Meadow Way - ‘You were so good to me in the past about my PIP mandatory reconsideration and they reinstated it – thank you so much…’

Resident of Ellerton Close - ‘Thank you for taking the time to follow up this matter on my behalf. I very much appreciate that you take a pro-active stance relating to the concerns of your constituents.’

Resident of Wigmore Lane - ‘Many thanks for taking the time to both consider the issue and in replying [to my concerns about the use of microbeads]’.