Resident of Fairway Avenue - 'Thank you for all the effort you put into solving the problem of dangerous parking on Halls Road/Heathfield Avenue Tilehurst... I look forward to voting for you at the next election.'

Resident of Curlew Drive - 'A brief note of appreciation for your efforts and involvement in bringing a satisfactory resolution to the issues surrounding the number 33 bus route on the Bird Estate in Tilehurst... Thank you for your communication keeping the public informed of progress.'

Resident of Halls Road - 'Thanks for the time and effort you have expended on my behalf and many thanks for achieving such a satisfactory outcome.'

Resident of Magpie Way - 'You have followed through our case so wonderfully well. It is of great comfort to know you are there for us.'

Resident of Laurel Drive - 'Thank you for the help you gave me in resolving the issues with my student loan. Thankfully my loan has been reinstated, so I am able to continue to live in London and continue with my studies.'

Resident of Partridge Drive - 'We the residents of Partridge Drive, Tilehurst, Reading would like to thank you for your help in tackling our Tree Problem'.

Resident of Robin Way - 'I am pleased to know that you are… dealing with the local issues of the community.'

Resident of Blewbury Drive - 'I was successful in my claim. Just wanted to thank you for your help, and as long as you are a serving MP you will always have our vote.'

Resident of Beal Lane - 'Thank you for standing up for your voters' by ensuring that companies automatically switch them to the lowest available tariff.'

Teacher at local school - 'Thank you for your letter about opportunities for students at the school, and your kind offer to facilitate visits to Westminster.'

Resident of Lovatt Close - 'You are the only MP that I have spoken to who understood immediately how the system for charging Business Rates works.'

Resident of Pincents Lane - 'Thank you as always for arranging the meeting [to discuss the Pincents Hill development] and for your follow-up letter... it is a pleasure to meet and discuss matters with you.'

Resident of Fairway Avenue - 'Thank you for all your support in bringing this matter to a conclusion. The encroaching hedging was cut back on Sunday.'

Resident of Goldcrest Way - 'Thank you for putting these complaints [about the state of some of Tilehurst's roads] to Reading Borough Council and West Berkshire Council and for obtaining replies from both councils and forwarding them on to me.'

Resident of Old Bath Road - 'Thank you for all your work and support in regards to my concerns… it is much appreciated and I feel better so thank you.'

Residents of Harvest Close - ‘Although neither of us are supporters of the Conservative Party, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work you have done while representing this constituency...’