Resident of Downs Way - 'Thank you for your diligent and thoughtful work on behalf of your constituents... I have found the letters section of your website very helpful in giving your response on various issues.'

Resident of Carew Place - 'Thank you for echoing our concerns to the Minister of State for Housing. I recognise you are very busy in what are challenging times, so you’re taking the time to listen to local issues is greatly appreciated.'

Resident of Goodliffe Gardens - ‘You are doing a great job with schools, the Council, charities and energy... keep up the good work. You are hard-working and you do your job properly.'

Resident of The Holt - 'Thank you very much for investigating my problems with HMRC. Thanks to your intervention the issue is now sorted, and I am no longer being asked to pay a considerable sum of unpaid tax dating back several years.'

Resident of Dell Road - 'I wanted to say thank you for the job you do for Reading West... Keep doing what you do, representing this great area...'

Resident of Winston Way - 'Your efforts on behalf of our community are very much appreciated by your constituents - as in the fact that you do try to represent all of us, whatever our political affiliation, and to think carefully about your response to our concerns.'

Resident of Clairmore Gardens - 'I would like to show my appreciation in you following up on my query below with both your letters... the terrible potholes on the A329 exiting Purley have been resolved.'

Resident of Apple Close - 'Following your letter to West Berks, I am pleased to say that Apple Close has been repaired complete with shiny new tarmac. Thank you very much for your taking the time to help - it is much appreciated.'

Resident of Lamorna Crescent - 'Thank you for your help concerning British Gas... It's good to know that when it comes to these big organisations, help from you really makes a difference.'

Resident of Nursery Gardens - 'You are the model of a good constituency MP of any political party, working for local causes and the wellbeing of your constituents, and the local flood issue has been something you have already been active in trying to solve.'

Resident of Purley Lane - 'Thank you so much on behalf of Project Purley for arranging our visit to the House of Commons… We all had an extremely interesting visit.'

Residents of Skilton Road - 'We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in helping us fight our case for benefits... You will certainly be receiving our votes.'

Resident of River Gardens - 'I am rarely impressed by things these days, but I am impressed by you: the effort you are making generally; the two public meetings you have organised with the Environment Agency... I have not voted for anything since 2007. You have changed that and for that I thank you.'

Resident of Kirkfell Close - 'I would like to thank you for seeing me at your surgery and for helping and guiding me with an appeal against an ATOS report... my appeal was successful.'

Resident of Cotswold Way - 'Thank you for your assistance [with our rat infestation], I appreciate your efforts in this matter and your speedy response.'