What TILEHURST Residents Say About ALOK SHARMA

Resident of Elvaston Way - 'Just a very quick email in order to thank you for your last letter regarding anti-social behaviour on Elvaston Way, Tilehurst. Since I aired my concerns to you and your team, things have calmed down slightly and changed for the better.'

Resident of Westwood Road - 'Very many thanks for the help of your office with regards the gas emergency on Friday. The effect was miraculous... the gas man was with me about lunchtime on Friday...'

Resident of Hardwick Road - 'Just an email to thank you for your support, following my meeting with you... I have always been a labour voter but did not vote in the last election as I had become exasperated with them - however, you shall have my vote in the next election!'

Resident of Corwen Road - 'I would like to offer my sincere thanks for your assistance with my benefit. I have now been seen and am awaiting a decision.'

Resident of Beverley Road - 'I would like to thank you for the help you and your office staff gave me over Reading Borough Council taking all my money from my bank account and leaving me with high bank charges. The bank has now decided not to charge me as it was not my fault.'

Resident of Fern Glen - 'I want to thank you for intervening on my behalf... around the time of your last letter, the police eventually got in touch with me and a local police officer has performed some sort of investigation, since which I've had no trouble with criminal damage or anti-social behaviour.'

Teacher at local school - 'We would like to thank you very much for meeting with us all yesterday. I know we all found it extremely useful and formative and came out feeling positive. With your help, we now know which direction to take next.'

Resident of Westwood Glen - 'Just to express our thanks to you for all your support regarding the number 33 bus issue... Thanks for arranging the two meetings, resulting in what we hope will turn out to be a fair and satisfactory compromise.'

Resident of Thicket Road - 'It is so refreshing to see an MP respond to constituent letters like you do... The great thing is that you have an opinion, are prepared to respond to people and keep a vested interest in local issues. Keep up the good work.'

Resident of Felton Way - 'I can't thank you enough as without your influence the Child Support Agency would not have treated my case in the same manner and politeness.'

Resident of Mayfair - 'Thank you very much for your recent letter regarding the vegetation and remains of a tree outside our property. I note that the Council will be cutting it back at the end of the summer. My wife and I appreciate your help in this matter.'

Resident of Elvaston Way - 'I would like to say a massive thank you for your support and for taking the time to help me with the Home Office regarding my stay application... I would like to let you know that I have been granted leave to remain and I'm grateful.'

Resident of Boundary Close - 'We would like to thank you for the time you have taken in liaising with the Council and corresponding with us.'

Armour Road - 'Thank you very much for getting back to me... I have to say I am impressed by you generally as an MP - you come over as being hard-working, compassionate, in touch, on the ball and very knowledgeable.'